Driving Best Practices
to Mitigate Risk and Protect Your Brand

With immense growth and opportunity in the cannabis and hemp industries, ensuring the safety and quality of your products is critical to success. 

Cannabis products can take many forms, including edibles and beverages, topicals/oils, and vapes, but there are quality and safety standards that apply regardless of the product. The HashTAG team has experience in all aspects of cannabis and can help your business with:

  • Laws & Regulation. We stay up to date on federal, state, and local cannabis regulations and recordkeeping requirements to provide custom consultation and help ensure compliance for your operations in the U.S. and Canada.

  • GMPs, SOPs & HACCP. We will assess your operations based on best industry practices and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, providing recommendations for compliance or improvements; and assist in your implementation or improvement of Standard Operating Practices (SOPs) and HACCP.

  • Environmental Control & Monitoring. Environmental contamination has led to numerous recalls. HashTAG can help you control this risk through the development of a robust environmental monitoring program (EMP).

  • Risk Assessment. Based on your unique operation, we will identify potential risks and provide guidance on effective risk mitigation strategies from incoming ingredients to outgoing product.

  • Supply Chain Management. Supply chain controls are essential for cannabis ingredients and products. Through our internal supply chain risk assessment, gap analysis, and unique Risk Assessment Tool, we help you incorporate proven best practices.

  • Recall & Crisis Management/Communications. Recalls and crises require rapid response and communication containment (including that of social media). HashTAG can assess your programs, help develop brand-protecting plans, and provide during- and post-crisis support. 

  • Mock Audits, Inspections, Recall. Assuring success means being prepared and the best way to ensure that is by simulating a real-time event. HashTAG can help plan and run your mock audit, inspection, or recall, and prepare for GMP and GFSI audits.

  • Intentional Adulteration and Contamination. Cannabis can be subject to intentional adulteration from both “insider attacks” and “acts of terrorism.” We assess your facility and processes for vulnerabilities, and help you implement mitigation strategies.

  • Training. Ensuring product quality and safety means ensuring everyone understands and buys into your best practices. Our executive- and team-level training helps you produce the best possible product.

Ensure your cannabis operation and products are
the best and safest they can be.



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