Growing and Cultivation

  • CHACCP - Cannabis Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, focus on critical risk factors for ingestible products, and all other product offerings

  • Food Safety Plans - development or gap analysis reviews including process controls, environmental controls to ensure products are not contaminated post manufacture, allergen and cross contamination management

  • GFSI Program Compliance/Certifications

Facility & Sanitation Design

  • Facility and equipment design for food safety

  • General sanitation and Hazard Analysis of process/product

  • Specialized hazard analysis and risk management (toxins/pesticides etc.)

Product & Supply Chain

  • Supply chain controls for both cannabis and non-cannabis ingredients

  • Product control/traceability

  • Final product testing programs



  • US State and Local Compliance

  • Safe Food for Canadians Regulations and Canadian Cannabis Act Compliance


  • Recall plan and crisis management

  • Food safety communications

  • Social media crisis containment

Executive & Team Trainings

  • Food Safety 101 training

  • Introduction to Industry Risks

  • Crisis Management and Recall Simulation



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